SAWE Response to FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 120-27F


January 31, 2014

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) published draft Advisory Circular (AC) 120-27F “Aircraft Weight & Balance Control” for comment on November 7, 2013.  We, the Society of Allied Weight Engineers (SAWE), are volunteering to lead an industry solution in the establishment of standard crew, passenger, and baggage weights, and respectfully submit the following comments.  

The SAWE goals are to promote mass properties engineering as a specialized discipline and to provide a means for those interested in mass properties engineering to collectively further their professional goals. Since its inception in 1939, the SAWE has grown to include 22 chapters located in the United States, Canada, Central Europe, and the United Kingdom and has members from over 22 countries. The Society promotes technical interchange between its members through international and regional conferences, the Weight Engineering Journal, specialized training, technical papers and a growing number of professional publications.


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