Structural Analysis/Optimization


Brett L. Anderson, P.E., The Boeing Company

Class Description: 

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This class is a one-day session that covers structural design and analysis considerations and their impact on Mass Properties. This course is for working engineers outside of the Stress or Loads organization to provide insight into the decision tools and processes affecting structural integrity. Specific emphasis will be given to identify and explain the typical methods utilized by Structural Analyst and how these can sometimes adversely affect the optimization of the structure. Illustration of several accepted practices and their impact will be covered in the case studies.

Course Outline:

  • Overview of course objectives
  • Basic Airframe Configuration Issues
  • Common Structural Design Features
  • Understanding Design Drivers and Mass Properties Impact
    • Strength Designed
    • Stiffness Designed
    • Fatigue Designed
    • Damage Tolerant
    • Safe Life
  • Common practices
  • Hidden Gotcha’s
  • Case Studies / Examples
    • Aero Commander
    • Aloha Incident
    • 767-300 Freighter Cargo Barrier Shear and Moment Optimization

A Primer of pre-course reading material is also provided covering:

  1. Basic Strength and Material Review
  2. Failure Theories and Analysis
  3. Loads Review
  4. Regulatory Requirements (Structural)

This course will also provide public domain strength and material related references including but not limited too: FAA Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization (MMPD) This document also represents the last version of the Mil Hdbk 5 reference, release MIL-HNDBK-5J. Course Notes, Primer and all Presentation Materials Ref. SAWE Handbook for SAWE Members.

Brett has been an Adjunct Professor at Wichita State University teaching Engineering Strength and Materials and has guest lectured at UCLA for various Design and Structural Analysis course. Brett is currently the Head for Boeing St. Louis Stress/Loads & Dynamics Department and is the former Director - Technology, Tools & Processes for Boeing Space Exploration. In addition to being a licensed Professional Engineer in Mechanical Engineering, Brett is a Fellow of SAWE and a member of the Houston Chapter of SAWE. He received the Ed Payne Award for outstanding young engineer in 1999, and elected a SAWE Fellow in 2004 Brett is an Associate Fellow and member of the Structures Technical Committee of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.