Measuring Mass Properties


H. Wayne Clay, Lockheed Martin

Jerry Pierson, Lockheed Martin

Class Description: 

This class will demonstrate and teach Mass Property measuring techniques for missiles and control surfaces. The Mass Properties Measurement class will contain both a classroom presentation and a laboratory session. The class will consist of approximately three hours of lecture and five hours of hands-on laboratory session with participants making mass properties measurements.

The classroom discussion will include Mass definition and Mass measurement techniques. Force measurement methods such as spring scales, load cells, strain gauges, and rebalance technology will be discussed. The MOI definition and its relationship to torque and acceleration and measurement techniques will be included. The definition of Product of Inertia (POI) will be discussed and how it relates to Principle Axes definition, measurement, and calculation techniques.

Laboratory Exercises will include Mass measurement, MOI measurement using a torsion rod and the bifilar method. POI measurement/calculation and Principle axis measurement /calculation will be taught.

It is the intent of this class to provide the student with an understanding of the methods for measuring moment of inertia. The class will conclude with the taking of a test to verify that the class has provided the students with the basic understanding of how to measure moment of inertia of a missile or a control surface.

Basic calculators will be needed for examples and exercises. Wear khakis or jeans since you will be in a laboratory. Wear rubber soled shoes. No open toed shoes please.

Mr. Wayne Clay of Lockheed Martin has extensive experience measuring mass moment of inertia for numerous sensitive product lines.