Dynamic Balancing Course


John Banks, Lockheed Martin

Class Description: 

John Banks of the Texas Chapter has written SAWE papers related to balancing equipment. John’s 1984 paper titled “A Dynamic Balancing Primer” paper number 1611 deals with the fundamentals of balancing rotating equipment. It is suggested that attendees review this paper prior to the class.

John Banks has worked at the Lockheed Martin Missiles Facility for over 30 years. He has spent many years in charge of the Mass Properties Lab where he was in charge of all Mass Properties activities such as spin balancing and moment-of-inertia measurement. John has taken most of the courses offered by Space-Electronics including balancing of seekers and radars. Although still assigned to the Mass Properties group, John’s recent assignments have been as the designer of seekers for numerous missiles. As a designer John has patented seven of his many innovative ideas.

John will be teaching the class with has his own personal equipment that he has used to balance rotating equipment such as automobile engines.

This course addresses the fundamentals of balancing and John has examples that deal with particular samples such as the spin balancing of missiles and the balancing of an automobile engine.

This course would take approximately 8 hours with time divided equally between class time and lab time.

This class appeals to missile weight engineers, automobile weight engineers, and anyone who is interested in the fundamentals of balancing.