Airline Weight and Balance Operations

Class Description: 

This one-day class will discuss weight and balance topics as they relate to Airline Operations. Though very basic aerodynamics will be introduced, the majority of class time will be spent covering airline procedures for developing and controlling weight and balance for aircraft fleets as well as individual flight operations.

Class will address the development and application of computerized weight and balance systems used by the largest airlines and development and application of localized manual weight and balance systems used by some regional carriers. Discussions will include a comparison of the two systems.

Air Transport Association (ATA) standards and applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) will be reviewed, as well as how airlines comply with these rules. The class will provide a step-by-step demonstration and explanation of how an airline prepares for introduction of a new aircraft into service and the dynamics of how limitations are applied and interpreted to maximize the revenue potential of each aircraft type. We will also cover statistical analysis and substantiation of average weights airlines use for passengers and baggage.

This class is intended to provide the students with an understanding of weight and balance concepts and their application to airline operations. A short test will be given at the end of the class to review conceptual applications and compliance with regulatory requirements. Attendees may keep the materials provided for operational reference.

Basic calculators will be needed for examples and exercises. Casual dress is recommended for this class.