SAWE Conference Planning Committee Training


Andy Schuster, SAWE Vice President – Training

Class Description: 

This two-hour class reviews how to plan and execute a SAWE Annual Conference as a member of the Planning Committee. Most of the best practices are described in the Operations Manual which should be reviewed before taking the class. The planning process can be used tailor for other major events such as test programs, weight audits or design review meetings. The class will cover how to make an invitation to the SAWE BoD, site selection, committee set up, schedule of planning activities, count down to the conference, conference insight and post conference activities. The goal of the class is to help you to gain the confidence to participate on a conference committee your self as committee member, chair or other leader.

Mr. Schuster is currently the outging SAWE VP Standards & Practices. He developed this class based on the SAWE Operations Manual along with insights from current and past SAWE Officers. His personnel qualifications include participating in SAWE Annual Conference planning for the last seven years, as SAWE Senior Vice President, and Vice President Training. He has also participated on the planning committees for 3 SAWE Regional and 2 Annual Conferences, 2 ASNE Conferences, and a SNAME Spring Meeting Conference. He has written or edited three conference planning guidelines for 3 different professional organizations.