Marine Vehicle Weight Estimating Methodology


David Hansch – SAWE Fellow - Huntington Ingalls Industry

Class Description: 

This is a full day class discussing the fundamentals of marine vehicle weight estimating.  A review of the weight estimating methods described in SAWE Recommended Practice 14 “Marine Weight Estimating & Margin Policy Guideline”.  The class will cover the theory, and application of these methods on specific examples and for whole ship design. The appropriateness of each method for each stage of ship design, construction and operation will be discussed. The students will work examples to estimate the weight of a vessel using multiple methods.  Historic examples of weight estimating errors will be discussed as an example of practices to be avoided.  Classroom materials and exercises will be provided. Students should review Chapter 24 in the Weight Engineers Handbook, and SAWE RP 14 found on the SAWE website before the start of the class.