1. NASA’s Amanda Cutright: Youth and Leadership

Amanda Cutright"The Society provides a big group of experts that have been doing [mass properties] for years as well as some new people.  So its definitely been a vital resource for me being new to mass properties having come from the design side of the task and being new into mass properties management and control."

Amanda Cutright earned her degree in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech, and her masters degree in engineering management from Old Dominion University.  Her job at NASA  has included working on Pad Abort I as a mass properties engineer.  She’s the person responsible for determining the module's mass and weight, and also its center of gravity or balance.  Amanda credits SAWE for a wealth of information she says she can’t get elsewhere.  In this audio interview she provides Liz Bulkley with some background information on her work and life.

Recorded at the SAWE International Conference in Seattle Washington in May 2008.

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Running time: 8:37 

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