4. Dudley Cate

Jeff Cerro"The press for innovation is as great as ever, and what it tends to mean is that…the more a design is reaching into the unknown, the less our historically based methods are able to directly deal with those issues…what I colloquially call the 'new and different'."

Dudley Cate is a SAWE Fellow and describes himself as a Professional Weights Engineer.  He has more than 30 years behind him with the Naval Air Systems Command and consults on mass properties issues.  Dudley has watched and participated in the evolution of recommended practices over the course of many years, and is a frequent instructor at SAWE’s Annual and Regional conferences. In this podcast/interview he tells Liz Bulkley about the changes he’s seen in the field of mass properties beginning in the mid 20th Century and into the 21st century. 

Recorded at the SAWE International Conference in Seattle Washington in May 2008.

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Running time: 14:29

Dudley Cate's SAWE Courses:
Principals of Mass Properties Management & Control for Military Aircraft – SAWE RP 07
Aircraft Weight Estimating and Use of RP8 for Weight Allocation


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