2. Jeff Cerro: The Relationship Between Government and Industry

Jeff Cerro"Under acquisition reform, it's become up to the professional societies to maintain standards. So that is one of our primary functions in the government industry world is to join the government requirements with industry capabilities and work together to come up with new documents that can be used to standardize the weights engineering process."

As the chair of SAWE’s Government Industry Committee, Jeff’s worked to advance the standards that the Society uses.  He’s a Structures Engineer at NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia and discusses the factors that can affect the relationship between government and industry with Patrice Gallagher.

Recorded at the SAWE International Conference in Seattle Washington in May 2008.

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Running time: 8:24

See some of Jeff Cerro's work:
3201. Structural Weight Estimation for Launch Vehicles
Sizing Structures and Predicting Weight of a Spacecraft, Langley Research Center


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