3. Laura Guth: Engineer, Former Pilot, and Sea Rescuer

Laura Guth"It was like the cavalry coming over the hills…the ship was a 98-foot crabber… in 30-knot winds and 30-foot seas and the seas are in the ice so it looks like frozen margarita -- that brash ice, crashing over the deck every once in a while.  Fortunately my flight mechanic was a surfer.  Unfortunately, the captain fell, the engineer stopped to help him and a wave crashed over (the deck), and that wave washed them overboard."

Laura Guth is the system Engineering IPT lead for AgustaWestland-Bell for the VH71 program.

She’s a relatively new member of SAWE and before working on helicopters, she worked in them.  Laura was the U.S. Coast Guard pilot who flew the helicopter that rescued the crew of the Alaskan Monarch.  The event has been televised numerous times, and was recently depicted in the PBS SAVAGE SEAS television series.  Laura tells Patrice Gallagher that the dangerous rescue was in many ways just another day on the job.

Recorded at the SAWE International Conference in Seattle Washington in May 2008.
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Running time: 12:16

See more about Laura Guth here:
PBS:  Savage Seas


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