5. Udo Koch: International Member Spotlight

Jeff Cerro"It's very important to have the support from them (senior management).  It's more important that they not only support us as engineers, they have to see it also; what is necessary to do."

Udo Koch is one of the Society’s many international members.  He’s a weight engineer from Hamburg, Germany, where he works for Industrie Hansa.  The company is mostly involved with Airbus and automotive companies.  Udo joined the Society in 2004 and is a lifetime member.  Liz Bulkley spoke with him at SAWE’s 67th Annual Conference in Seattle about the ways he integrates his SAWE education with his work at Industrie Hansa in Hamburg.

Recorded at the SAWE International Conference in Seattle Washington in May 2008.

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Running time: 7:34


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