2023 - 82nd SAWE International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering - Conference Proceedings

2023 - 82nd SAWE International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering - Conference Proceedings

List of Papers

Technical Papers

  • 3738. Aft Perpendicular... An Afterthought?, Daley, Scott, Dvorak Rob, and Marburger Matt
  • 3764. Technical Authority: What, Why, and How, Tellet, David, and Wujick Christine
  • 3773. SAWE’s New Technical Paper “Groups”, Schuster, Andreas
  • 3782. Mass Properties Control Plan - Elements for an Industry Standard, Boze, William
  • 3786. Incorporating Non-Random Mass Properties Uncertainties, Nakai, John
  • 3787. Small Satellites Launcher Mass Properties Estimation for Design Efficiency Improvement in Preliminary Conceptual Phase, González-González, Rubén, García-Pérez Dr. Andrés, and Alonso-Rodrigo Dr. Gustavo
  • 3788. Next-Generation Weights Management, Beyer, Mark, and Graham Victor
  • 3789. Efficient Algorithms for Computing Mass Properties of Finite Elements, Beyer, Mark
  • 3791. Reverse Engineering the Mass Properties of a Civil Aviation Aircraft, McCloud, Darrin
  • 3792. Road Accident Reconstruction: The Role of the Inertia Properties, Gobbi, Massimiliano, Mastinu Gianpiero, and Previati Giorgio
  • 3793. Effects of Mass and Pitch Moment of Inertia on Vehicle Suspension Design With Race Car Example, Stabile, Pietro, Ballo Federico, and Previati Giorgio
  • 3794. The Mass Properties Function during The Aircraft Interior Outfitting, Lopez, Luis A.
  • 3795. Aerostructural Weight Estimation for a Transonic Truss-Braced Wing Using the Higher-Fidelity Conceptual Design and Structural Optimization Tool, Windous, Zachary, and Quinlan Jesse R. 

Technical Presenations

  • MPE for GHG Assesment in Naval Industry, Federico Cattaneo, Gabriele Giordano and Massimiliano Manfredi
  • SAWE’s Career Development Initiatives – Mentoring, Training, & Certification, Robert Zimmerman, Daniel Rowley and Dirk Petersen
  • SAWE Certification AMPE Question Workshop, Dirk Petersen

Sponsor and Vendor Presentations

  • Beyer Flight Sciences
  • Huntington Ingalls Industries


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