Introducing SAWE Group-Office

Thanks to all everyone for helping to make the SAWE Workspaces a success in 2015. In order to better serve SAWE members we are upgrading the SAWE Workspaces to SAWE Group-Office.  Group-Office has more features and is easier to use than the old workspace system. All committee workspaces and files have been transferred to projects in Group-Office. Read below for additional instructions and summary of features.



Your new account information will be emailed to you. If you did not receive your new password, please contact

To login go to .

Use your email address as the username and enter your password.  If you lost your password, click the "Lost Password?" button.

SAWE Group-Office Login



All committee workspaces are now Projects in Group-Office.  Projects contain summary of all shared files, tasks and notes in one page. From the Start Page click on the Projects tab at the top.

Start Page

Navigate to your Project or Committee in the Project list on the upper left:

Project Page


File Browser

Click on the "Files" button on the project page to view all files and upload new files or download existing files.

File Browser

File Details



You can meetings and events to the calendar and invite other users to meetings.  Invited attendees will receive a meeting notice via email with accept and decline button.  You can also be reminded of meetings via email.



Notes and Tasks

You can add general notes to a project for general comments and discussions.


You can use tasks to give you email reminders of todo or other items and tasks that need to be completed by  a certain date.



More Help

Additional help can found on the Group-Office website by clicking the Help link in the upper right hand corner of any window.  You can also send an email to