2024-01-12 SAWE Virtual Forum #12: Wanted – Parametric Data

SAWE Virtual Forum #12: Wanted – Parametric Data

January 12, 2024 - 11:00 am to 12:30 pm Eastern Time

Facilitated by:

Dirk Petersen, Airbus Operations GmbH


Statistical weight estimation methods were among the first to be developed and are still in widespread use. Collecting and maintaining information for a parametric database is a vital part in estimating the Mass Properties of a new product during its early phase. This data needs to cover modern products and include the designs of competing companies. The trend by companies to handle required data as proprietary information restricts their distribution. This influences the ability to forecast the Mass Properties of the next product, which will have an effect on its successful launch and development.

This forum will gather options to collect parametric data whilst maintaining proprietary rules and discuss workarounds and their drawbacks. It intends to identify how the SAWE can support.