Standards and Practices 2018 Technical Content Campaign

The Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc. has a Technical Library consisting of papers divided into 35 categories. The Standards and Practices Industry Committees have initiated a campaign to create an analogous set of Recommended Practices (RPs) that can be utilized by industry as standardized methodologies to achieve mass property goals in broad industry groups.   These groups are five-fold; Marine; Aviation and aircraft; Missiles and Space; Ground Transportation; and Offshore Systems.

The SAWE evaluated the confluence of RPs and Technical Papers and has determined that there are considerable gaps in the released Recommended Practices.  As a method of filling this gap, although not the only one, is for mass properties engineers to write a technical paper that can be converted to a Recommended Practice.  Therefore, the SAWE is asking Technical Paper authors to volunteer to write technical papers to address one or more of these RP gaps, as shown in the gap reduction bullets below.  This effort will ultimately benefit everyone in the SAWE as it will increase the value of the SAWE to our members and our partners while simultaneously increasing the visibility of the SAWE within the transportation platform industries.

The SAWE of course still accepts Technical Papers that are not intended to lead to the release of a Recommended Practice.

Recommended Practices Gap Reduction Topics

Mass Properties Management

  • Mass Properties Projects and Data Management as a Discipline
  • Mass Properties risks and opportunities management during Development Projects

Mass Properties Control:

  • Weight Control requirements in Commercial or War Ships and Submarines
  • Mass Properties Measurements measurement and data reporting
  • Challenges and Potential coding solutions for Integrated Sub-Systems
  • Mass Properties Coordinate systems
  • Mass Properties control in Guided Missiles and Space Vehicles

Mass Properties Analysis:

  • Mass Properties uncertainty management in calculations and measurements
  • Aircraft CG Operational Limits calculations
  • Aircraft Weighing procedure optimization
  • Aircraft On Board Weight & Balance Systems
  • Passengers Weight assumptions rationale in Operations and Design, EEUU CDC Survey data interpretation
  • Hydrostatic calculations for tracked vehicles stability analysis


2018 Instructions to Authors