2017 Texas Regional Conference and Planning Meeting


Conference Schedule

Conference Event Date Sart End Price*
2018 Conference Planning Meeting Thursday, 9/21 08:00 17:00 $30.00
Standards and Practices Session Friday, 9/22 08:00 12:00 $50.00
Technical Session Friday, 9/22 13:00 17:00
Mass Properties and Automotive Lateral Dynamics Saturday, 9/23 08:00 17:00 $300.00
Aircraft Weight & Balance
Saturday, 9/23 08:00 17:00 $1000.00
Sunday, 9/24 08:00 17:00

* Price includes lunch.



Sheraton DFW Airport Hotel
4440 West John Carpenter Freeway
Irving, TX  75063
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Sheraton DFW Airport Hotel

SAWE Room Rate $149 + 15% Tax
Room rate is good from 9/18/2017 – 9/24/2017. Reservations required by August 30, 2017. For reservations, call 888-627-8190 and use “Society of Allied Weight Engineers”.  Use the registration link below for the SAWE Rate:

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Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport (DFW)

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  • Hours: 24 hours
  • Travel Time: 10 minutes
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Sheraton DFW Airport Hotel from DFW Airport

Upon arrival at DFW Airport and once guests have retrieved their luggage, please locate the courtesy phone at the baggage claim. Guests can call the Sheraton DFW Hotel listed on the hotel list from the courtesy phone or he/she may call the hotel directly at (972) 929-8400.

Guests will need to provide their name and location (i.e.-Terminal and gate number) for the shuttle driver to be able to come by and pick them up.

All pick-ups will be at the lower level under the grey sign “Courtesy Van Pick Up”
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Please be advised that our shuttle will not be able to pick up at certain locations at the airport due to construction.

The Operator will assist guests to the nearest pick up location.

DFW Airport from Sheraton DFW Airport Hotel

To return to the DFW Airport from the Sheraton DFW Airport Hotel, simply be in the lobby 10 minutes before the hour or half hour and notify guest services you will be needing to be transported to the airport.


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Texas Chapter Meeting – Central Market, Fort Worth – September 7, 2017

Texas Chapter,

You are all invited to come to our April SAWE Texas Chapter meeting on Thursday, September 6th.  This will be our first business meeting of the year.

We will be meeting at 5:30 pm at Central Market, Fort Worth.

2017-18 Texas Chapter Meetings

The Regional is fast approaching and registration has been extended to at least Sept 15th. If interested, please go to www.sawe.org/texas/

Regional and International next May will be held at Sheraton DFW in Irving.

SAWE Aircraft Weight and Balance Class

The SAWE Texas Chapter will be hosting the SAWE Aircraft Weight and Balance Class on Saturday and Sunday, September 23-24, at the 2017 Texas Regional Conference.

Class Description:

The class will consist of about 8 hours of lecture and a “hands-on session” that will include weighing an aircraft.

The instructor will assume the student has basic knowledge of weight and balance. The class will demonstrate and teach proper procedures for weighing and completing forms for military aircraft. A take home test will be provided.

The lectures will use T.O. 1-1B-50, (T.O. 1-1B-50 is being replaced in 2009 with a joint service weight and balance manual), as a course reference. The classroom discussion will include definitions; instructions on the DD 365 series forms; and the use of the AWBS (Automated Weight and Balance System), AFF (automated Form F generators), load adjusters, and Vector diagrams.

The “hands-on” session will include actual weighing of and aircraft and demonstration of recommended procedures for aircraft handling, equipment techniques, leveling, jacking, and other tasks.

The intent of this class is to provide the student with an understanding of a weight and balance system and “pitfalls” involved with weighing aircraft. The class will conclude with a “take home” test to verify that the class has provided the student with the basic knowledge necessary to perform weight and balance on an aircraft without help from others.

Basic calculators, paper, pencils, pens, and “highlighter” may be needed for examples and exercises. Wear khakis or jeans since part of the class is in an aircraft hangar. For safety reasons, wear rubber soled shoes. No open toed shoes will be allowed. Students may be exposed to the hazards of weighing an aircraft and jet fuel vapors.

Mass Properties and Automotive Lateral Dynamics

A special one day (eight hour) seminar is being presented by the Texas Chapter of the Society of Allied Weight Engineers on September 23rd at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Hotel. Unlike other courses that titillate, but leave the participant no more capable after the course than before, this course is quantitative not merely qualitative. The course learning objectives include enabling the student to be able to make reasonably accurate estimates via basic calculations/simple computer simulation of Rollover SSF (Static Stability Factor), Roll Gain, Lateral Steady-State Maximum Acceleration (Skidpad), and the associate Steer Angles/Slip Angles/Body Side Slip Angle at that steady-state condition.

Also, this course will enable the student to make an estimate of Lateral Transient Acceleration (Slalom) characteristics such as the Dynamic Index in Yaw (DIY), Transient Yaw Center, and the Ackermann Yaw Rate. Lastly, this course will enable the student to make estimates of Directional Stability (Oversteer/Understeer) Characteristics such as the Understeer Coefficient, Static Margin, Steady State Steering Angle, Characteristic Velocity (Understeer), Critical Speed (Oversteer), and the handling transition Critical Speed (Oversteer).

Individuals interested in taking the course, and automotive venders wishing to exhibit their products and/or services at the regional conference, are directed to the SAWE Texas Chapter website. All individuals completing the course will receive a Certificate of Completion, a copy of the Course Vu-Graphs (MS-PowerPoint), a copy of SAWE Paper #3528 (“Mass Properties and Maximum Lateral Acceleration”), and a Max Lateral Acceleration Estimation Spreadsheet (MS-Excel).


Texas Chapter Meeting – Central Market, Fort Worth – April 6, 2017

Texas Chapter,

You are all invited to come to our April SAWE Texas Chapter meeting on Thursday, Apr 6th.  This will be our final business meeting of the year. Social in May.

We will be meeting at 5:30 pm at Central Market, Fort Worth.

2016-17 Texas Chapter Meetings

Please come join us. Final Social meeting is scheduled for May 4th at the Ginger Man in Fort Worth. There might be a group interested in playing the Trivia Game and will stay a little later.

2017 Fort Worth Regional Science Fair

Andy Brooks, Alex Danklefsen and Ted Dull supported this year’s Fort Worth Regional Science and Engineering Fair.  The Texas Chapter has been a longtime supporter of the science fair and awards special awards at the senior and junior high levels.  This year’s winners included experiments with: developing thermally conductive, yet electrically resistive polymeric composites; studying the efficiency of wind turbine blades; the measurement of the density of items and the mechanisms involved in setting up proper repeatable testing.  Alex also reviewed the various projects for the best use of metrics for another special award sponsored by the U.S. Metric Association.