2021-2022 SAWE International Elections

February 17, 2021


2021-2022 SAWE International Elections are now open. Voting ends April 15, 2021. Click the link below to vote online.  

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2021-2022 Candidates for International Offices


William Boze

Damian P. Yañez

Candidate Experience:


After graduating in 1982 from the Missouri University of Science and Technology (MS&T) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering I took a job as a Mass Properties Engineer at McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company in St. Louis, MO working on the Space Shuttle and a wide variety of missile, space and defense systems. I subsequently completed my Master of Science degree in Engineering Mechanics from MS&T in 1991. Through 24 years of company restructuring and a merger with The Boeing Company, I had the great fortune to work on the entire spectrum of aerospace products from small handheld combat weapon systems to manned and unmanned fighter jets, commercial aircraft, laser communications, hypersonic vehicles, etc. During this time, I also created and managed the construction and operation of two mass properties measurements laboratories through which we verified the weight, CG, moments, and products of inertia of a wide range of complete vehicles and subsystems.


In 2000, three Boeing colleagues and I created a concept for a process management software to help streamline and improve product development projects. With Boeing’s help we developed our concept into a commercial package and in 2005 spun-out our invention as our own company, Procelerate Technologies, Inc. in which I acted as Vice President of Products and Services. After operating on our own for 5 years, we sold the company to a larger software company, and I continued in my role there till 2015 as the principle consultant for our aerospace and automotive customers such as NASA, DARPA, Nissan, Chrysler etc.


In 2015, I had the opportunity to return to my Mass Properties roots at Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation where I have combined my engineering and software experience to develop new tools for automating and managing mass properties calculations across multiple database systems. I am also working with the next generation of mass properties engineers to pass along my experience.


Candidate Society Activities:


Since joining SAWE in 1982 (before I even knew what a mass properties engineering was) I have been passionate about creating tools that simplify and accelerate mass properties computations and improve the accuracy of our predictions. Wherever possible I have shared my work with others in the SAWE through papers and presentations at the local and international level. As part of the St. Louis Chapter, I acted as Director, President, Vice President and Handbook Committee Chairman where we created the first digitally formatted version. I am currently the Director of the Southeast Region Chapter and I am once again leading a new effort to update the SAWE Handbook. I was also honored recently with the title of SAWE Fellow and am actively supporting the Mass Properties Engineering Certification Committee.




My goal as President is to continue the efforts of my predecessors to invigorate our SAWE and ensure that we successfully transition our knowledge to the next generation of Mass Properties Engineers. I feel this can best be accomplished by actively working with our Chapters to give them the information and resources to grow their memberships. I will also continue to work with our SAWE leadership team and company partners to help elevate the status of Mass Properties Engineering as a unique and critical discipline.


Executive Vice President

Rick Watkins

Darren Gamble

Current Position:

Head of Mass Properties, Spirit Aerosystems (Short Brothers PLC) Belfast (UK)

SAWE Roles :

  • Current Executive Vice-President
  • Current Chapter Vice-President (Canadian Chapter)
  • Past Canadian Chapter Director
  • Member of MPE Certification Committee
  • Member of Corporate Partner Steering Committee


Having completed my first year in the role of Executive Vice-President my knowledge of the challenges and rewards of working at the International level of our society has grown immensely. But what a year it’s been!! - who’d have thought this time last year what a roller-coaster ride we were about to embark on with the everyday norms being turned on their head. I’m proud to say the society has risen to the challenge of this ‘new norm’ and embraced the virtual world at all levels. In the year ahead I will continue to work with the SAWE Executive, Corporate Partners and Company Members to grow our society and ‘future proof’ it to ensure that knowledge is captured and shared. I will continue to attempt to increase membership at all levels and will focus on reaching out to all society members by further developing online collaborations between chapters and supporting those struggling chapters. Using the excellent Officer Training package that has been developed, I will train and develop our leaders of tomorrow as well as reaching out to our ‘at-large’ members with support and encouragement so they also feel ownership of our society. I ask for your continued support in my bid to continue the position of SAWE Executive Vice President.


Senior Vice President

Fred Brown

Candidate Experience:

I have worked at Newport News Shipbuilding in the weight engineering field for 21 years, since September 1999. Areas of work have ranged from new construction aircraft carriers, surface vessels and submarines, in service aircraft carriers to advanced ship concept studies. Responsibilities have increased from that of weight engineer, to team lead, to project lead.

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Norfolk State University in 1999 with Bachelors of Science degree (Concentrations in Marine Engineering and Industrial Management).

Prior to working at Newport News Shipbuilding, I served in the United States Navy as a Chief Petty Officer in the Submarine Force. At that time, I was unknowing getting experience in the field of mass properties as a Ship’s Diving Officer (the highest qualification an enlisted man in the sub force can achieve).

Candidate Society Activities:

  • SAWE member since 1999
  • Served the Hampton Roads Chapter as Director, Vice President, President and currently serving as Chapter Treasurer
  • Served as the Budget Chair for the 2019 International Conference.
  • Worked for the SAWE Senior Vice President as the Finance Chair for the 2020 and 2021 International Conferences and 2020 Tech Fair


  • Membership: We need to aggressively recruit and retain new members.
  • Modernization: We also need to ensure mass property engineers are at the forefront of the current transition from 2D drawings to model based engineering products.



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