Opportunities to ENERGIZE YOUR SAWE

Technical Forum is this Friday! Sep 25th.  Whidy Kiskunas will be leading the discussion on Vendor Weight Control. Get the Forum Zoom meeting link by selecting the Forum link on the sawe.org home page (upper right under Upcoming Events).  Perhaps there’s a topic you’d like discussed in an upcoming forum?  Please submit it to VP Technical, Robert Zimmerman.

Training Courses are coming your way in October, November, and December.  Registration and announcement details will be released this week by VP Training, Dan Rowley and his team. 

The following courses are available:

Automated Weight and Balance System (AWBS) by Harold Smoot

Fundamental Concepts of Mass Properties Management and Control of Military Aircraft and Aircraft Weight Estimating (RP-7 and RP-8A) by Paul Kachurak

Developing Basic Parametric Methods by Andy Walker

Structural Weight Optimization for Mass Properties Engineers by Raj Bishnoi

Ship Inclining Experiment by Bill Fox

Aircraft Fuel System Calibration and Verification by Rod Van Dyk

Introduction to Marine Weight Engineering by Dominic Cimino

The Certification Development committee needs your help gathering questions for the exams.  Please submit your suggested questions to CMPE@sawe.org.  Chairman, Andy Schuster and his team are busily building these key elements of the program.

Your SAWE is working hard to fulfill our mission of delivering opportunities for technical growth of mass properties engineers.  I encourage your participation.


John Hargrave

SAWE President

SAWE Virtual Training Opportunities – Save the Dates!!

SAWE is offering several important Training courses opportunities between Now and the End of 2020.  These are online courses, similar to the Tech Fair and Training.  Training instructors will come to you via Zoom.

Courses will be offered in 4 Hour Sessions on the following Friday / Saturday weekends:

October 23 and 24

November 13 and 14

December 11 and 12

Courses will be offered as either Four Hour Classes or Eight Hour Classes (two Four Hour Sessions on consecutive days) on the above dates.  Class Time will be 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM Pacific Time / 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM Eastern Time / 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM Central European Time.  Note that AWBS is in 2-5 hour sessions.  
The Course Schedule is still being finalized, but we can confirm that the following courses will be offered:

AWBS (Automated Weight and Balance System): Instructor, Harold Smoot – 10 Hour Class over Two Days of 5 hours per session

Developing Basic Parametric Methods: Instructor Andy Walker – 8 Hour Class over Two Days of 4 hours per session

Ship Inclining Experiment: Instructor, Bill Fox – 8 Hour Class over Two Days of 4 hours per session

Marine Vehicle Weight Estimating Methodology: David Hansch – 8 Hour Class over Two Days of 4 hours per session

Structural Weight Optimization for Mass Properties Engineers: Raj Bishnoi – 8 Hour Class over Two Days of 4 hours per session

Fundamental Concepts of SAWE RP7 and RP8 for Military Aircraft: Paul Kachurak – 8 Hour Class over Two Days of 4 hours per session

Introduction to Marine Weight Engineering for Non-Naval Architects: Dominic Cimino – 4 Hour Class in a 1 day session

Aircraft Fuel System Calibration and Verification: Rod Van Dyke – 4 Hour Class in a 1 day session

For full description of each course visit: https://www.sawe.org/conference_training

Please Watch the SAWE Blog, www.sawe.org/blog, and your SAWE emails for further details and pricing as they are confirmed.

Respectfully submitted,
Dan Rowley

SAWE Vice President, Training

Save The Date – SAWE Virtual Forum Coming

What single aspect of a platform’s total mass can wreak havoc on the best-laid plans of a successful weight control program? What can we, as mass properties engineers do to prevent an impending catastrophe? And how can you personally influence the outcome?

On some programs, 60% or more of a platform’s mass is derived from vendor supplied articles. The Society of Allied Weight Engineers is holding a one-hour Virtual Forum on Vendor Weight Control on Friday, September 25th at 8 AM PDT (11 AM EDT, 5PM CEST) to discuss this ongoing challenge. Join us for this forum as we share our mutual experiences and opinions on how best to ensure that vendor supplied components do not scuttle your program.

Join Forum Leader Vidas “Whidy” Kiskunas, Forum Host Robert Zimmerman, and the SAWE Leadership in this first 2020-2021 SAWE Virtual Forum via Zoom (link to be provided later) and let your voice be heard. Be involved in solving a problematic aspect of mass properties engineering that impacts not only our ability to control weight, but our relationships with our management and customers.