2024 Conference Abstracts – The Final Week’s Countdown

Have you dreamed of enhancing your career, advancing within your company, being admired by your peers and supervisors? A well-proven way of doing this and more is by writing and presenting a paper at an International Conference.  Even better is receiving recognition at a conference for your work.  And how do you do that?  Be sure that your paper is judged, because if it misses the judging, it will miss out on consideration for Best Paper or Special Recognition.  

One final question, is this a big deal?  The answer to that is definitely YES!, as I can tell you from experience. The fact that my paper garnered a Best Paper award led directly to promotion and plum assignments at work and to a satisfying series of leadership positions within the SAWE.

The Society of Allied Weight Engineers 2024 Conference on Mass Properties Engineering is coming in May.  Abstracts for Professional (not Student) papers to be presented at the conference are due to be received by the SAWE by midnight on January 19, 2024 for the paper to be eligible for judging for the Mike Hackney Best Paper Award.  Similarly, the paper itself is due by midnight on April 15, 2024 to meet the criteria for Best Paper judging.  Both milestones must be met to ensure the paper is included in the judging.  Abstracts (and papers can be submitted via the web at https://www.sawe.org/technical/papers/submittal or by sending them by email to technical@sawe.org. Papers that miss the deadlines may still be submitted and presented, however they will not be considered for Best Paper.  

So, I ask you again – Have you dreamed of enhancing your career?  Act on your dreams and reap the rewards.

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