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Our SAWE Constitution classifies different levels of membership (Honorary Fellow, Fellow and Benefactor) and assigns the responsibility of presenting nominations and coordinating other awards distributed by other SAWE Offices and committees to the SAWE Awards Committee.  It is one way that we as mass properties professionals and service providers recognize individuals who have materially contributed to the advancement of mass properties and our society. During the Awards Banquet at the International Conference, the Awards Committee Chair presented this year’s award recipients.  One of the recipients was Robert Hundl from Fluor, who was unable to attend the conference due to conflicts. Following the conference, Robert sent the SAWE President, Executive Vice President, and Executive Director an email thanking SAWE for bestowing the title of Honorary Fellow. But his message said more, which I (Bill Boze) as President found inspiring.  So with Robert’s permission, I share his message with all of you in the hopes it will inspire you as well, and relay Roberts’s appreciation to the society.


I would like to thank you for bestowing the Honorary Fellow title upon me.  As many of you know, I have been involved in SAWE for many years (since 1992).  I have had the pleasure to know many of the great SAWE Fellows and Honorary Fellows that have become before me.  Sadly some are no longer with us.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Texas conference this year due to timing issues, but Clint met me before I flew back to England and presented the award to me.  Thanks Clint.

Some SAWE members may look upon achieving Fellow or Honorary Fellow as completing a goal – they check the box, and then disappear only rarely to be seen or heard.  However, many of the greats have continued to offer support and guidance to the society well past receiving any honor or award.  I hope to someday belong to this latter group.  I feel that with the honor, comes responsibility and duty to the organization, no less then when pursuing the honor. While no one can guarantee what the future may bring, we can step out the door and take the journey together to see where it takes us.

Once again, thank you very much for this honor.

My humble regards,

Robert Hundl

SAWE Honorary Fellow


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  1. Achieving Fellow or Honorary Fellow status in the SAWE is predicated on Achievement and Service. Striving to be “One of the Best” is a time-honored way to achieve. Therefore making that your goal will certainly aid those who desire honors.

    Robert has shown himself over the years to have been “One of the Best”, and that was instrumental in his elevation first to Fellow and now Honorary Fellow. I am proud to know and serve together with him.

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