Two more classes have been added to the SAWE 2020-2021 Virtual Training schedule. Vendor Weight Control and Marine Vehicle Weight Estimating Methodology will be offered on January 22 and 23, 2021. Both classes are eight hours long, taught in two four hour sessions (Friday 1/22/21 and Saturday 1/23/21). The Cost for each class is $ 500.

The Vendor Weight Control class discusses the various items included in RP100 Vendor Weight Control for the Aircraft Industry as well as RP 15/M-4 Vendor Weight Control for the Marine Industry. These two RPs share many common requirements from vendors. Although some of the acronyms and definitions may vary, the data request is of a similar nature. The course will cover the major sections of the two RPs. Examples of what sort of data that is required in these sections will be presented accompanied by in class discussions, which will provide a means to ask specific questions that may address problems or clarification of requirements. Topics that will be covered are: Introduction and Purpose, Equipment and Supply Chain, Weight Control, Mass Properties Requirements, Weight Reduction programs, Actual weighing and verification, and Weight Reporting. Other topics may be discussed time permitting. The goal of this course is to introduce vendor weight control, detail the different phases and types of deliverables that may be required and also provide guidance on how to achieve these requirements. SAWE Fellow Whidy Kiskunas will be the Instructor.

The Marine Vehicle Weight Estimating Methodology class discusses the fundamentals of Marine Vehicle Weight Estimating. The weight estimating methods described in SAWE Recommended Practice 14 “Marine Weight Estimating & Margin Policy Guideline” will be reviewed. The class will cover the theory, and application of these methods on specific examples and for whole ship design. The appropriateness of each method for each stage of ship design, construction and operation will be discussed. The students will work examples to estimate the weight of a vessel using multiple methods. Historic examples of weight estimating errors will be discussed as an example of practices to be avoided. Classroom materials and exercises will be provided. SAWE Fellow Davy Hansch will be the instructor.

Registration details coming soon.

Dan Rowley
SAWE Vice President, Training

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