Mentoring Webpage Goes Live

It’s Alive!  Unlike Dr. Frankenstein’s protégé’s creation in Ingolstadt, this is nothing to fear – “It” is the SAWE Mentoring Webpage [].  The Mentoring webpage is the newest part of the SAWE’s membership career development initiative.

First, please note that the Mentee application is not yet live, however, the rest of the page is.

A lot has happened behind the scenes to make it possible to go (mostly) live with the webpage.  The Mentoring Charter has been through extensive review by the Mentoring Committee.  The webpage itself has also been created and tested.  The committee created a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).  An application form for Mentors is up and running, as we need mentors available before we can match Mentees with Mentors.  Solicitations to specially chosen senior SAWE mass properties engineers have been sent out – they are now able to formally apply as Mentors using the web-based form (and utilize a special template to formulate their input prior to filling out the web-based application form).

Still to come, of course, is a companion application for Mentees.  Along with this will be a “behind the scenes” means of matching Mentees with appropriate Mentors, as well as metrics to track relationships, completion status, and effectiveness of the program as created.

A Mentoring Logo depicting the “Passing the Torch” with the SAWE Wings and program name is prominent on the webpage as well as a link to current committee membership and a contact form.  Along with the contact form, a special email address ( is also live.

Watch for further developments to come, with emphasis on this latest career development program becoming fully active by Cocoa Beach.

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