The SAWE Mentoring Program IOC Is Nearly Here

Initial Operating Capability (IOC) – the point in a program’s life when the system achieves sufficient functionality to be usefully deployed.

The Mentoring Committee has been relentlessly charging forward towards the unleashing of the SAWE Mentoring Program at the Cocoa Beach Conference.  The first Mentors have volunteered, the committee has committed to the Charter, the website is nearly complete, and the Mentor Application is online.  Currently the committee is deep into testing the methodology of Mentor/Mentee matching, using a Mentee Application that will soon be online for the general SAWE population to utilize.  At that point, the SAWE Mentoring Program will officially go truly live.

We desire more veteran Mass Properties Practitioners to volunteer as Mentors.  This is easy to do, using the online form at and clicking the Apply as a Mentor button.  Shortly before the Cocoa Beach Conference, the companion Apply as a Mentee button will also become active.  Mentees can then be matched with suitable Mentors, and the transfer of knowledge that is the lifeblood of the SAWE can begin.

The SAWE Mentoring Program is unique to the SAWE – no other organization has the breadth of experience or has the span of weights-related tasks as those performed by SAWE members working in the complex field of mass properties.  Our membership spans the globe and has members in every endeavor that employ mass properties personnel.  Some of those have years of experience they can share, while others need to gain the knowledge required to acquire this experience.  The SAWE Mentoring Program will meld these two forces, creating a knowledgeable workforce that benefits both the individual members and their organizations.  And although invaluable, it won’t cost a member a single cent, as this is just one of the benefits of SAWE membership.

Be On the Look Out (BOLO in law enforcement lingo) for the rollout of the SAWE Mentoring Program.  It will be complete by the opening of the 82nd International Conference on Mass Properties on May 20, 2023 in Cocoa Beach Florida.  Those who will be attending can witness this rollout as a special presentation on Monday, May 23rd, and any member can sign on as a Mentor or Mentee when the rollout commences.

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