Mentoring – Mentor Application

Application to become a Mentor in the SAWE Mentoring Program

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Name and location of your present employer.
Industry and number of years in industry

Preferred Subjects for Mentoring

Technical Mentoring

Non-Technical Mentoring

Example: 35 years weighing piece-parts, assemblies, and vehicles. 32 years verifying by test and evaluation satellite weight, CG, and inertias, both Earth Orbit and Inter-Planetary. 5 years Human Spaceflight engineering experience. Proficient in determining centers of gravity of fixtures plus unit under test in support of turnover operations (8 years). Principal engineer for program to design and implement Ground Support Equipment to determine weight, CG, and Moments of Inertia. “Go-To” person in company for inertia questions. Directly trained 12 new hire/associate engineers on mass properties and company procedures. 4 invention awards. Author of various papers, memoranda, procedures, and commentary. 4 years business jet mass properties advanced design experience. 8 years line and advanced design of launch vehicles.
Why do you want to be a mentor for the SAWE? Examples – Feel need to “pay it back”, Enjoy watching engineers grow, asked to help
Example Informally mentored 4 and formally mentored 2 through company initiative
Have you developed or taught a mass properties or SAWE class? If so, please list your involvement. Example – Yes, instructed use of Spin Balance Machine and Center of Gravity Machine
List any SAWE papers, Standards, Textbooks, or Presentations you have authored or co-authored
List any degrees obtained or courses taken towards a degree or continuing education credits
List any Awards and Certifications you have. In particular, list any SAWE Awards and Certifications earned. Example SAWE Fellow, Company Extraordinary Engineering Award, 4 Inventor Awards, SAWE Certified Expert Mass Properties Engineer
List all languages that you are proficient in. Example – English is my mother tongue, some knowledge of French
Describe any leadership (Team Leader, Manager) positions you have held. Example – Responsible for the Mass Properties department with 6 members for 4 years
Describe your current location (City and State, Province, Country) and time zone. Example – New England, USA Eastern time zone
Please describe any known or prolonged breaks in availability. Example – Unavailable from June -Sept 2023 due to assignment to Antarctica

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