Our Committees, Where the SAWE Happens

Primarily focused on our annual International conference, the SAWE makes available to all members valuable networking opportunities through our committees. These promote professional development, technical exchange, and foster ongoing relationships. SAWE committees include:

  • Executive Committee
  • Board of Directors
  • Technical Committee
  • Standards and Practices Committee
  • Standing Committees
  • Appointed Committees

Executive Committee

The SAWE Executive Committee consists of all elected and appointed officers of the Society. They act as a Steering Committee to guide and carry out the President’s vision.

Board of Directors

Each chapter of the SAWE maintains a Chapter Director as one of its officers. The Director is the primary liaison between the chapter members and the SAWE Executive Committee. Together with the Executive Committee, the Chapter Directors form the Board of Directors (BoD), who are the governing body of the Society responsible for setting policy, voting on business, and overseeing our finances. The Board meets once a year prior to the annual International conference.

Technical Committee

The SAWE Technical Committee is responsible for developing the technical program at our annual International conference. This team seeks out authors and presenters involved in the latest developments and current state of MPE. This free and open technical exchange is the heart of the SAWE’s mission and charter. Our Technical Tracks define the breakdown and focus of the committee members.

  • Integrated Product Design
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Marine Systems Design
  • Ground Systems Design
  • Flight Technology – Manned
  • Flight Technology – Unmanned & Space
  • Advanced Design Characterization
  • System Verification

Standards and Practices Committee

The SAWE Standards and Practices Committee (SPC) is responsible for developing the documentation that will define the process of MPE for current and future generations. Our standards and practices are applicable not only to engineers, but also to managers and planners who are responsible for developing the schedules and manpower staffing needs for programs. Through involvement with this work, you can directly affect the efficiency, structure and direction of your company.

Standing Committees

In addition to the Technical and S&P Committees, other Standing committees of the SAWE help carry out our day-to- day work and keep our operations functioning, as well as help with outreach to students, academia, and the global engineering community. Our Standing committees include:

  • Academic Committee
  • Awards Committee
  • Conference Planning Committee
  • Constitution Committee
  • Financial Planning Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Operations Manual Committee
  • Projects Committee

Appointed Committees

At any time, the International President may choose to appoint special temporary committees to carry out specific tasks. Work on these committees can be especially valuable to younger members as a short-term responsibility, to help give them experience with and a voice in the development of our Society and the MPE profession.