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Helping You Grow

The SAWE is committed to helping you grow your knowledge and skills. We have established a Mentoring Program to match you with an experienced Mass Properties Engineer who can provide you with technical and career guidance.  We encourage you to take advantage of the amazing opportunity which is free to members.  Use the buttons below to learn more and sign up as a mentor or mentee.

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Why Become a Mentee?

Mentoring dates back to the dawn of our world. Sons were taught the tricks of their trade by their fathers, daughters by their mothers. In modern times it is a little bit different, but luckily we can communicate with the experts holding the knowledge we need, whereever they are located. This is especially true for our very specific profession. The SAWE Mentoring Program supports you to find a mentor to teach you the tricks of trade you need.

What do you need help with? Read the articles below to find out what mentors and mentees have to say on the subject.

A Mass Properties Engineers Tale

Clint Stephenson, December 2023

Early in my professional career, I joined the American Space Shuttle Program as a Mass Properties Engineer (MPE).  My technical manager was highly supportive of career development.  My manager introduced me to the Society of Allied Weight Engineers (SAWE).  Per ANSI/AIAA S-120A-2015(2019) you could say I was an E1 on the Mass Growth Allowance (MGA) table with significant engineering growth to be attained over the course of the years to come.

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A Wealth of Knowledge Waiting to be Picked Up

Dirk Petersen, November 2023

After 34 years in the Mass Properties department of a big aerospace company I retired from an occupation which always fascinated me. I had been trained on the job, more experienced colleagues had passed their knowledge, I tried to enhance the knowledge available in the company. I knew what I knew, and I knew what I did not know.

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Why Should You Become a Mentee?

I am an accomplished mass properties engineer.  I retired from a major aerospace company as a member of the Senior Engineering Staff.  I have certification as an Expert Mass Properties Engineer (EMPE), and having served the SAWE in multiple capacities, I have been awarded the Richard Boynton Lifetime Achievement Award.  However, I wasn’t always the engineer I am today.

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Becoming a Mentee – “If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get”

What common characteristic does a successful Mass Properties Engineer share with a moderately successful 1970’s rock band?  Both have benefited from a philosophy that can be summed up as “If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get.”  

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Why Become a Mentor?

Being a mentor has many benefits including:

  • Satisfaction – your knowledge is not lost.
  • Helps the next generation learn from your experience.
  • Improves your network.
  • Provides peer and external recognition.
  • Demonstrates confidence in your capabilities.
  • Fosters distribution of knowledge within our profession.
  • Improves your knowledge (typically a mentor learns as much as the mentee).

Be sure your knowledge will be used in the future and not lost after you retire.  Become a mentor today!


April 04, 2024

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  • How will a mentor support the mentee?
    • The mentor will guide the mentee to gain knowledge.
  • How is the matching done?
    • Based on the stated goal(s) of the mentee as indicated in the questionnaire, the Mentoring Committee will search for available mentors and propose them to the mentee.
    • The mentee will contact the selected mentor.
  • What is the cost of mentoring?
    • Mentoring is free of charge for the mentee, mentoring is voluntary and the mentor receives no compensation.
  • Does a mentee need to have experience in Mass Properties?
    • A basic understanding in engineering, mechanics and physics is required.
  • How does a mentor apply?
    • An application form is linked on the Mentoring webpage.
    • A guideline is linked to the form.
    • For questions "Contact Us".
  • How long will the mentoring take?
    • The duration of the mentoring depends on the goals set and the availability of mentor and mentee. Both will agree on the duration during their kick-off meeting.
  • How does a mentee apply?
    • An application form is linked on the Mentoring webpage.
    • A guideline is linked to the form.
    • For questions "Contact Us".
  • Who is responsible to drive the mentoring?
    • The mentee is in the driver's seat.
    • A documentation form will be available on the Mentoring webpage.
  • Will the documentation of the mentoring be shared?
    • This document will only be shared with the express consent of mentor and mentee.
  • Is mentoring only available for technical subjects?
    • Both technical and non-technical mentoring will be available.
  • Do I receive a certificate of completion?
    • A certificate will not be provided.
  • When is the mentoring completed?
    • The mentoring shall be considered completed if the mentee and mentor agree that:
      • The defined expectations have been fulfilled or
      • The sessions do not advance as expected.
  • Will the mentoring be online?
    • Most of the mentoring sessions will be virtual, a case of proximity between mentor and mentee face to face sessions can be done. Mentor and mentee agree on the methods of communication.
  • What happens if I, as a mentor or mentee, do not get along with the other?
    • If the match is not compatible, the Mentoring Committee will suggest an alternate mentor upon notification.
  • Do I need to be a member of the SAWE?
    • Both mentor and mentee need to be members in good standing with the SAWE for the duration of the mentoring. Rules of SAWE-membership apply.
  • Is Mentoring linked to Certification?
    • One means of fulfilling the requirement for renewal of the Mass Properties Engineering Certificate is to be a mentor.
    • The mentee will gain knowledge required for the Certification exam.
  • Whom do I contact in case of additional questions?
    • For questions on Mentoring "Contact Us".

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