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Become a Certified Mass Properties Engineer

SAWE Certification is the standard of excellence for our profession ensuring that we maintain a workforce of qualified Mass Properties Engineers in a verified and recognized manner. This certification provides proven evidence to your employer, customers, and peers that you have successfully achieved the skills and competencies required for your level of professional experience. Use the links below to find out more about this coveted award and how you can be included in our prestigious group of Certified Mass Properties Engineers (CMPEs).

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Example Certificate
Example Certificate


There are many benefits to becoming an SAWE Certified Mass Properties Engineer including that it:

  • is beneficial to your career/contract,
  • shows that you/your company/your supplier has reached a defined level of knowledge and capability resulting in less waste, better performance, increased quality and safety,
  • differentiates you from non-certified colleagues/companies/suppliers,
  • provides peer and external recognition,
  • gives confidence in your capability,
  • demonstrates a broad knowledge of mass properties (big picture),
  • exposes you to subjects outside your present experience,
  • fosters understanding with supplier and customer,
  • simplifies supplier selection process,
  • raises the bar.
View/download Certification Requirements


There are three certification levels available within the CMPE program that are available to our members:

  • AMPE - Associate Mass Properties Engineer
  • PMPE - Professional Mass Properties Engineer
  • EMPE - Expert Mass Properties Engineer

The minimum requirements for each of these levels may be viewed and downloaded by clicking the image to the right.


To offset the expenses we incur in managing and maintaining the CMPE program, the follow fees are charged to prospective applicants:

  • $80/year SAWE Membership Fee (membership required)
  • $150 Initial Application Fee
  • $150 Exam Fee
  • $150 Exam Retake Fee
  • $150 Recertification Exam Fee after 5 years anniversary

So, for existing members, the fees to become initially certified total $300.  A score of 70% or higher is required to pass the exam.  To retake the exam, you will be asked to pay an additional $150. Fees must be received by SAWE prior to issuance of the official certification diploma. Click on the button below to fill out the application form and pay the application fee.

Subjects on Exam
View/download Sample Questions

Exam Prep Kit

To prepare for your CMPE exam, we highly recommend you become familiar with the following reference materials that are available for download in our SAWE store.

You may use your store credit to purchase Papers, Standards and Recommended Practices. SAWE Publications and Textbooks are available for members at a discounted price.

  1. SAWE Weight Engineers Handbook
  2. Introduction to Aircraft Weight Engineering Textbook
  3. Marine Vehicle Weight Engineering Textbook
  4. Moments and Products of Inertia
  5. SAWE Paper 2095 – The Seven Secrets of Accurate Mass Properties Measurement
  6. SAWE Paper 2190 – Design of Fixtures
  7. Systems Engineering
    • Weight Engineering Journal Fall 2015 – Mass Properties Engineering as a Systems Engineering Discipline
    • definition can be found in Wikipedia
  8. Statistics

Exam questions are based on the subjects listed in the table to the top right. Click on the image to view the subjects in a new tab. You may also view and download a sample set of questions by clicking the lower image to the right.

Exam Dates

Certification exams are offered throughout the year. Upcoming exams are scheduled for:

  • 05/04/2024 AMPE - Online
  • 08/10/2024 AMPE - Online
  • 11/16/2024 AMPE - Online

Additional exams can be scheduled if sufficient demand exists.

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Current CMPE List

The current list of SAWE Certified Mass Properties Engineers is shown below:

Last NameFirst NameCertificate No.CMPE LevelExpiration Date
LopezLuis AlbertoP-22-XLOP5371Professional02/25/2027


  • What do the abbreviations CMPE, AMPE, PMPE and EMPE stand for?
    • MPE – Mass Properties Engineer.
    • CMPE – Certified Mass Properties Engineer, the whole program.
    • AMPE – Associate Mass Properties Engineer, the first and entry level of the CMPE program.
    • PMPE – Professional Mass Properties Engineer, the second and medium level of the CMPE program.
    • EMPE – Expert Mass Properties Engineer, the third and highest level of the CMPE program.
  • What is the cost of the exam?
    • Cost is $150 for a one-time application fee and $150 for the exam fee (once the applicant is ready to take the exam).
  • What is the experience needed for the AMPE level?
    • The Associate MPE level requires 2 years of related experience and a BS/BE STEM degree, or 5 years related experience in lieu of a degree. Successful completion of the AMPE exam is also required prior to consideration for the higher certification levels.  Current SAWE membership is also required.
  • What is the application process?
    • Apply online.
    • Upload your Science, Technology engineering or Math degree if our experience in Mass Properties is less than 5 years.
    • The Certification Team will contact your list of references to verify your experience.
    • The Certification Team with then notify you via email that you are eligible to take the online exam.
    • Pay the application fee online.
  • What kind of questions will be on the exam?
    • General cross-industry mass properties knowledge; some basic mass properties calculations such as C.G., moments and products of inertia, and radius of gyration; basic statistics; mass properties engineering best practices, etc.
    • Lists of subjects and Sample Questions are available in the Exam Prep Kit.
  • How long will the exam take?
    • 2-hour time limit. No extra time for non-English speakers.
  • How often will it be administered?
    • The exam will be offered quarterly.
  • When and how do I pay the exam fee?
    • The exam fee is due before the exam.
    • Paying the fee indicates that you are ready to take the next scheduled exam.
    • Pay the exam fee online.
  • For how long is the certification valid?
    • Every 5 years, certifications will be renewed/reviewed. Currently the cost is $150 to renew as well as some continuing education, mentoring, authorship, etc.
  • Is there an In-service Requirement for renewal of the certificate?
  • What do I need to study?
    • A list of  references materials can be found in the Exam Prep Kit.
  • Do I receive a certificate?
    • Yes, a certificate will be provided if the exam is passed successfully. In addition, your name and level will be recorded in a list linked on the SAWE Certification webpage.
  • Will I be able to have cool initials after my name?
    • Yes, in accordance with your level if the exam is passed successfully.
  • Will the test be online?
    • Yes, the test will be online only.
  • Will I be able to bring in materials to the exam (will it be open book, will I need a calculator, etc.)?
    • The exam is open book! Also there are some calculation questions, so a calculator or spreadsheet is recommended.
  • What are the requirements for a Professional and Expert MPE?
    • If experience and service to mass properties competence warrants, Professional or Expert level status may be awarded after the AMPE exam is passed.  Exact requirements will be defined in the coming months. Service to the competence includes, but is not limited to, the mentoring of MPEs, development of training courses and the authoring of papers. An additional exam may be required with no additional application fee.
    • Requirements are available on Minimum Requirements for Application and Exam.
  • Do I need to be a member of the SAWE?
    • Yes, at time of application, exam and renewal you must be a member of SAWE. PMPE and EMPE candidates additionally must be a member of SAWE for 3 years and 5 years respectively before the application and continuously thereafter.
  • Can a certificate be revoked?
    • In case of fraud or serious misbehavior that reflects poorly on SAWE or our competence, an individual’s certifications (see SAWE Code of Ethics).
  • What is Systems Engineering?
    • It is an interdisciplinary field of engineering management, not a component of a vehicle driving equipment.
    • definition can be found in Wikipedia.
    • see Exam Prep Kit.
  • Whom do I contact in case of additional questions?
    • For questions or comments on Certification click the "Contact Us"-button below.