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Everything we do at SAWE is for the benefit of our Members!

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Member Benefits

Members of all membership grades receive the following tangible benefits:

  • Three issues of the Weight Engineering Journal.
  • Four issues of the SAWE Newsletter.
  • Access to members only content through the SAWE website.
  • Online update of membership information and renewal.
  • Conference Announcements and discounted conference registration.
  • Specialized training opportunities.
  • Participation in development of SAWE Recommended Practices and Standards.
  • $200/year store credit for purchase of technical papers, Standards or Recommended Practices*.
  • Discounts for all SAWE publications and textbooks.
  • Free SAWE Weight Engineers Handbook updates and revisions.

The Society's widespread chapters offer to members and to industry, a medium for pooling and exchanging data and experience at local and regional levels, fostering a higher degree of efficiency in mass properties engineering. Regular chapter, regional, and international meetings provide opportunities for mass properties engineers to meet and to discuss mutual problems, procedures and specifications, thus broadening their individual horizons and becoming better informed.

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* Current year conference papers are not included in free downloads.


Member Grades

Honorary Fellows shall be persons who have achieved eminence in mass properties engineering, or who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the Society, and who have been elected to Honorary Fellowship by a three-fourths vote of the Board of Directors. Honorary Fellows shall be Life Members of the Society without payment of dues.

Fellows shall be persons who have achieved distinction in mass properties engineering, or who have materially contributed to the advancement of the Society, and who have been elected to Fellowship by a three-fourths vote of the Board of Directors.

Members shall be persons who, at the time of application, are engaged in mass properties engineering or are engaged in related commercial, financial, or manufacturing fields which maintain relationship with mass properties engineers.

Student Members shall be undergraduate students attending accredited schools or universities and who are in good academic standing. Student Members shall be automatically transferred to member grade upon graduation or entering industry. Student members shall be eligible to vote or hold office only in a Student Chapter.

Retired Members shall be persons who, during their professional career, were members of the Society.

Lifetime Members shall be those individuals who choose to pay 15X the current Members rate at the time of renewal.

Corporate Members shall be any organizations interested in the professional practice of mass properties engineering and in promoting the Society.  In order to realize the mutual benefits, the SAWE maintains a comprehensive corporate support structure.  This allows for the involvement of companies and corporations of all sizes at the level that best suits their needs.  Involvement consists either of a Company Membership in the Society, or a Corporate Partnership.  The details of each are outlined in Corporate Membership Program.