The Society of Allied Weight Engineers (SAWE) is an international organization whose purpose is to promote the mass properties discipline and provide members and industry a medium for exchanging practices and experiences with the objective of fostering a higher degree of quality in mass properties control. Regular chapter meetings, regional and international conferences, plus an array of technical papers, reference books, industry standards and training curriculum provide mass properties engineers and industry that opportunity to learn, collaborate, create, and broaden the capability of the mass properties engineer, organization or program.  The Society is organized into 22 chapters with members from across the United States, Brazil, Europe, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Hampton Roads Fall Regional Conference and Planning Meeting
November 29 - December 1, 2018
Hilton Norfolk - "The Main"
Norfolk, Virginia, USA

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The Hampton Roads Coastal Virginia Regional Conference and Planning Meeting has officially been rescheduled for Thursday, 11/29 – Saturday, 12/1.

We have maintained the same days of the week and conference rooms as originally reserved with the hotel.  Everyone’s registration has been moved to the new dates.  If you cannot attend, please contact one of our co-chairs via the contact information at the bottom of the conference website. 

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2018 Hampton Roads Regional Conference Flyer (click to download)


Volume 77 - Spring 2018 - No. 3

2018 Winter Journal



State of the Art Precision Casting for Electronic Vehicle Weight Reduction by EVOCAST SIIC Group
The Myths of Weight Control by Franklin Johnson
A Path to an Enduring Career in Mass Properties by Dominic Cimino
Simultaneous Use of Multiple Load Measuring Devices For Weighings in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry by Dave Bennett
President's Message
Index of Advertisers
SAWE Corporate Partners
Jeff Cerro Named 2018 PEC Engineer of Year
In Memoriam: Rens Swan

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SAWE Members may download the PDF version of the Winter 2018 Weight Engineering Journal for free. Log-in to your membership account is required. For more information about how to setup or access your membership account, please view our Frequently Asked Questions.
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The SAWE is actively soliciting papers and presentations for the following Regional and International Conferences.

Papers solicited deal with current issues and recent advances in Mass Properties and related engineering disciplines. Our Technical sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Integrated Product Design
  • Mass Properties Life Cycle Management
  • Marine Systems Design
  • Ground Systems Design
  • Flight Technology Manned
  • Flight Technology Unmanned & Space
  • Advanced Design
  • System Verification


Since 1939, the Society of Allied Weight Engineers has been promoting recognition of mass properties as a specialized discipline. The principal means for accomplishing this objective is the annual conference for presentation of papers and discussion of engineering standards and recommended practices. Papers and reports are published and distributed.


Abstracts should include the paper title, author's name, position and company affiliation. They should be 250 - 350 words in length and should contain a statement of the problem or objective, the method of approach, and a summary of conclusions. The abstract should not deal with specific data. To submit abstracts or for more information, please use our contact form.