SAWE Conferences

Each year the SAWE hosts an international conference to provide a venue for sharing knowledge and experiences with members and non-members.  Typically, our conferences are in person, but we periodically host the conference virtually via webinar to include those who are unable to travel due to budget or schedule restrictions.

It's never too early to consider writing a paper for presentation at the event. Please make an effort to attend. You will be glad you did!

Sponsors for the conferences are also essential and welcome. We would not be able to provide these fantastic opportunities without you.  Please consider sponsoring us!

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Next Conference

83rd SAWE Annual Conference - Virtual

Virtual Technical and Standards Sessions

  • Technical Sessions: May 20th & May 22nd , 2024
    • 7 AM - 1 PM PDT
  • Standards & Practices Day: May 21st, 2024
    • 7 AM - 1 PM PDT
  • Registration is now open!
  • Registration Fees:
    • General Registration: $249
    • Members: $199
    • Retiree or Student Members: $29
      Fee includes access to download recorded proceedings and papers following the event.

Check out the Sponsor/Exhibitor Benefits!

In-Person Training: Fort Worth, Texas

  • Automated Weight & Balance System
    • May 14, 2024, Fee: $700
  • Aircraft Weight & Balance
    • May 15 and 16, 2024, Fee: $1,400

Virtual Training: 2024

Conference Benefits

Our conferences provide opportunities to:

  • Learn about the latest technologies, methods, techniques, and career enhancement opportunities.
  • Attend mass properties specialty training courses.
  • Share experiences and get problem solving advice through forum discussions and personal conversations with experts and peers.
  • Participate in the development and updates of mass properties industry standards. Meet vendor representatives and get acquainted with tools that are essential to our jobs.
  • Learn first-hand about the latest SAWE activities and programs including our Certified Mass
    Properties Engineer and Mentoring Programs
  • Recruit from the best Mass Properties Engineering talent in the world.

Future Conferences

84th SAWE Annual Conference - In Person

  • May 2025, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

85th SAWE Annual Conference - In Person

  • May 2026, Los Angeles, California, USA

Past Conferences

82nd SAWE Annual Conference - In Person

  • May 2023, Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA

81st SAWE Annual Conference - In Person

  • May 2022, Savannah, Georgia, USA
Document Status

Standards & Practices Sessions

"You have the opportunity of joining one of the Industrial Committee sessions.  During the sessions the team will review the activities performed during the last year, and will plan the ones for the next year, considering the industry needs, and the team proposals. No previous participations in the committees are needed, so feel free to join us and contribute to make better your industry. You can influence by proposing new Standards & Recommended Practices in your industry, or improving the existing ones!"

Jorge Bes
SAWE VP Standards & Practices