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To support our mission of transferring knowledge and skills to each other, SAWE hosts several technical forums each year in which a topic of interest is presented and discussed.  Forums are held online or in person at our annual conference. Typically, a panel of experts opens the forum with their thoughts on the topic, followed by an open discussion with all in attendance. Keep an eye out for an invitation to these popular events. If you have an idea for a topic, please contact us using the button below.

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SAWE Virtual Forum
SAWE Virtual Forum


Join us for our next Technical Forum:

SAWE Virtual Forum #13: Collaboration and Mass Properties Engineering

May 22, 2024 - 9:00 am to 10:30 pm Eastern Time

Now part of the 2024 SAWE Virtual Conference!

Facilitated by:

Jeff Cerro, NASA Langley Vehicle Analysis Branch (Retired)

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The SAWE is proud to present our 13th Virtual Forum, a panel and audience participation venue to inform and debate important issues in mass properties engineering.  This forum’s topic is Collaboration and Mass Properties Engineering.

The topic will be introduced by coordinator Jeffrey Cerro (Retired) with

  • Aerospace Sector panelist Amanda Cutright (NASA Langley representative to the Agency’s Digital Engineering Leadership Team)
  • Melissa Cooley (HII  – Manager for Naval Architecture and Configuration Management)
  • Fred Brown  (HII – Manager for weight Engineering and Reporting)
  • Mark Beyer  (Beyer Flight Sciences)

SAWE began society discussions on the impacts of collaboration tools and processes at the 2017 Montreal International conference. Since that time the general aspects of engineering collaboration have evolved extensively and seen implementation.  We seek to determine how far Mass Properties Engineers have come in this venture and explore where we see emphasis needs to be placed in future activities.  Collaboration historically implies person to person, group to group interchange.  In our ever encompassing digital world it focuses on the needs for machine based interacting standards and procedures. What can we gain and what might we lose as this advancement unfolds? PDM/PLM/MBx/SysML/Digital Twins/Digital Thread/…  are some of the numerous acronyms and words we must understand to work in this environment. What training, standards, and processes do SAWE members need to define and utilize in the general activities of collaborative engineering?

In Work

Future forums are planned for the following topics:

  • Autonomous Vehicles


Past SAWE forums addressed a wide variety of topics including:

  • Jan 12: Wanted - Parametric Data (Virtual)