Mentee Application

Mentee Application


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Mentees and Mentors have to be current members of the SAWE. Log in at and select "My Membership" from the left-hand menu. The SAWE Membership Number will be down the page and typically starts with an "X" followed by first 3 letters of the last name and a serial number. Example: XDOE1234.
Countries in which you are designated by the government as a citizen.
Describe your current location (City and State, Province, Country) and time zone. Example - New England, USA Eastern time zone
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Mentoring Desired

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Technical Mentoring
Non-Technical Mentoring
Please describe your requested mentoring in as much detail as possible.
Example: 1) The program office is requesting load variablity effects on vehicle performance. or 2) Two programs having requested time consuming tasks simultaneously.
Example: Aircraft Weight and Balance; Inclining Class
List any degrees obtained or courses taken towards a degree or continuing education credits
List any Awards and Certifications you have. In particular, list any SAWE Awards and Certifications earned. Example SAWE Fellow, Company Extraordinary Engineering Award, 4 Inventor Awards, SAWE Certified Expert Mass Properties Engineer
List all languages that you are proficient in. Example - English is my mother tongue, some knowledge of French
Please describe any known or prolonged breaks in availability. Example - Unavailable from June -Sept 2023 due to assignment to Antarctica