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The Society of Allied Weight Engineers is encouraging our members to step forward and be considered for the appointment as our next Executive Director. Our current Executive Director, Ron Fox is in his fourteenth year in this capacity and has announced his intention to resign, effective at close of business following the Board of Directors meeting on May 18, 2019.

This is a great opportunity to serve our society. This position offers the greatest opportunity of any within the SAWE to impact our long-range direction and success. The personal and professional rewards of serving as Executive Director are enormous. It is a position where one can clearly make a significant difference in the future of the society.

The Executive Director is responsible for, or, at least actively involved in the conduct of virtually all aspects of the administrative, contractual and financial activities for the SAWE. Effective, professional direction from this position is critical to the continuation of the society’s operational and fiscal efficiencies. A partial listing of the responsibilities of the position is provided in our By-Laws and in our Operations Manual, both available on our website.

It is desirable that candidates for this position demonstrate initiative, accuracy and attention to detail. The position also requires a good understanding of accounting principles and computer applications including MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It is also highly desirable that candidates have been involved in SAWE activities in the past and can work in a team environment, though geographically dispersed.

Even though the SAWE cannot offer a competitive salary with other non-profit organizations, the annual honorarium provided for the Executive Director can be an important incentive for recent retirees wishing to remain professionally active. This is particularly true for “early retirees”. The dollar figure may not be the best, but the honorarium does come in handy and there are many rewards associated with the position beyond the honorarium.

The link to the Job Criteria Assessment Form is as follows:

SAWE Executive Director Assessment Form

The deadline for candidates to submit their completed Job Criteria Assessment form is July 31, 2018. Forms shall be submitted to Ron Fox, Executive Director, at Please contact Ron Fox for additional information about this position.

The schedule for the recruitment, selection and transition period follows:


July 31, 2018– Deadline for Candidates

  • Candidates submit a completed Executive Director Job Criteria Assessment form in accordance with the SAWE Operations manual and submit it to the Executive Director by the deadline.

August 1, 2018 – August 31, 2018 - Executive Director Evaluation:

  • Executive Director posts completed forms in Group Office no later than August 1st for BoD eyes only
  • Executive Director evaluates each candidate using evaluation form and posts his evaluation for each of them in Group Office

September 1, 2018 through October 29, 2018 –BoD’s (Officers and Chapter Directors) Candidate Evaluation Period

  • Candidates forms, Executive Director Candidate Evaluations, and Voting Proxies are distributed to the Board of Directors on Sep 1st, two months in advance of the Board of Directors meeting
  • Board of Directors unable to participate in the Board of Director’s Meeting submit their proxy no later than October 28, 2018

October 30, 2018 – Board of Directors Meeting

  • The incoming Executive Director will be formally selected from amongst the candidates identified at the Board of Directors Meeting
  • Roll call will be taken to establish whether there is a quorum, followed by a vote.
  • The Executive Direct-Elect and SAWE membership and will be notified of the selected candidate for the Executive Director - Elect position

November 1, 2018 – Transition Period Start

  • Outgoing Executive Director begins training with Executive Director- Elect

April 15, 2019 – Executive Board Officer Elections Complete

  • President-Elect and Executive Director – Elect establish strategies for the forthcoming year, and interface with the outgoing Executive Director and President in establishing the BoD Agenda and financial budget.

May of 2019 - Executive Director-Elect takes office immediately following BoD Meeting

  • The Executive Director Emeritus will continue availing himself to the new Executive Director as necessary to ensure a smooth transition.