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SAWE Scholarship Application


SAWE Scholarship Application

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Applicants to the SAWE Scholarship Program must be… Children* or grandchildren (age 25 and under) of members of the Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc. who have a minimum of one year of membership as of the application deadline date. Children and grandchildren of deceased members are also eligible. The program applies to all SAWE members worldwide. *For the purposes of this program, children are defined as natural and legally adopted children or stepchildren of members. High school seniors or graduates that plan to enroll or students who are already enrolled in a full-time undergraduate course of study at an accredited four-year college or university. Enrolled or plan to enroll in a technical course of study (e.g. engineering, physics, mathematics, computer sciences, etc.), to be eligible for the SAWE/Frank Fong Memorial Scholarship. There is no course of study requirements for the general SAWE scholarship.

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