2022 – 81st SAWE International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering – Conference Proceedings


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Technical Papers

  • 3745:¬† Weight Management for On-Shore Modules, Robert Hundl (Fluor)
  • 3761:¬†¬†Estimating Mass Moments of Inertia – A Quick Check Method, Damian Ya√Īez (Gulfstream Aerospace)
  • 3766:¬†¬†Mass Properties and Automotive Braking, Brian Wiegand (Retired)
  • 3775:¬†¬†Influences of Inertia Parameters on a Dynamic Driving Simulator Performance, Giorgio Previati (Politecnico di Milano)
  • 3776:¬†¬†Harnessing Historical Company Data for Estimating Weights of Customized Commercial Workboats,¬†Chandan Deol and Lindsay Johnston (Robert Allan Ltd)
  • 3778:¬†¬†Mass Properties in Manufacturing, William Boze (Huntington Ingalls Industries)
  • S3763:¬†¬†MauSPAF: Design of an Open-Source Mass Properties Management Framework, Miguel Nu√Īo (RWTH Aachen University)
  • S3767:¬†¬†Determining Center of Gravity of Irregular-Shaped Bodies via Suspension, Emma Markovich (University of Colorado)
  • S3768:¬†¬†Initial Weight Estimation of Twin-Fuselage Configuration in Aircraft Conceptual Design, Yiyuan Ma (Technical University of Braunschweig)
  • S3770:¬†¬†Mass Management for a Battery Electrical Vehicle, Pietro Stabile (Politecnico di Milano)
  • S3772:¬†¬†Scenario-Based Prediction of Lightweight Costs – An Approach Across Industries, Florian W√§tzold (Technical University of Berlin)
  • S3774:¬†¬†Weight control for floating wind installation, Allan Crowle (University of Exeter)
  • S3779:¬†¬†The Determination of the Center of Gravity of the Electric No Emission Low Drag Airframe (NELDA), Christl Haley (University of Colorado)

Technical Presentations

  • The Gulfstream Completion Process, Michael Rodriguez and Lu√≠s Lopez (Gulfstream Aerospace)

Sponsor and Vendor Presentations

  • B&A Software¬† ¬†AS – Runar Aasen
  • Boeing
  • Boom Aerospace – Thomas Greiner
  • Gulfstream Aerospace – Kelli Usher
  • Huntington Ingalls Industries – David Cash
  • Intercomp – Johnny Redman
  • Lockheed Martin – Jonathan Curtis
  • Raptor Scientific – Paul Kennedy


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