2. Airplane Weight and Balance Control


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S Shatto: 2. Airplane Weight and Balance Control. 1940.



(As taken from Part I of proceedings of Engineering and Maintenance Conference of the Air Transport Association of America at St. Paul, Minnesota on July 15, 16 and 17, 1940)
I shall give you a resume of Weight Control Procedure which we have prepared by thoroughly studying some of the other operators and visiting airplane manufacturers. The importance of weight control has been very evident in the past few years; all operators are wanting to carry the maximum pay-load possible at all times. It is accurate weight control that makes it possible.
The object of Weight Control, both from the viewpoint of the air carrier and from that of the Civil Aeronautics Authority, is the same, namely, to know at all times the actual load condition of the aircraft. It is true, however, that the reasons for requiring this information differ as considered by the Authority and the air carrier.


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