15. Organization for Weight Control


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J E Ayers: 15. Organization for Weight Control. 1941.



From a study of how various aircraft manufacturers delegate and conduct weight control the writer herein sets forth an organization scheme for complete and efficient weight control over the design and manufacture of aircraft. With no more than slight modification the scheme is possibly adaptable to weight control over the design and manufacture of other craft and vehicles.
In weight control, as in all other endeavor, the first step toward organization is to recognize the importance of organization. Control over weight does not just happen – it has to be planned and must be executed through proper channels. Where no organization for weight control exists there will be no control over weight. Even the cleverest weight engineer in the industry must have a prescribed routing for his ideas arid a system for getting them into effect that includes authority parallel to his responsibilities.
A logical manner in which to plan an organization is to determine what is most important and then give each function a place in the scale deserving of its importance. In design there must be some supreme authority, therefore a chief engineer, or a vice-president in charge of engineering, is delegated with power to dictate policies and arbitrate major controversies within the engineering department. This chief engineering executive, or his delegated staff assistant, must be weight conscious and as equally sympathetic toward weight control as he is toward other engineering considerations, or no weight control can be exercised.


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