17. Applications of Psychology to Weight Control


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W A Martin: 17. Applications of Psychology to Weight Control. 1942.



Originally, each Weight Control Section had one basic duty which was very clear-cut and well defined. It was that each member make every effort to assure maximum lightness, compatible with good design, of the airplane to which he was assigned. Since that inception, however, the phenomenal expansion of the various Engineering Departments has resulted in a great increase in the duties of the Weight Control Sections and a marked widening of the scope of their activities.
This necessitated the addition of a number of new men and an increase in the responsibilities of the older engineers. It is possible, in the light of these events, that everyone may not have maintained a concise working- knowledge of his primary duty in his present capacity. Consequently, the primary objective of this paper is to clarify this point by presenting, in general, some of the problems confronted while dealing with a design group in following a project through the various stages of design. The secondary objective is to point out that the effectiveness of the efforts of each individual in striving to perform his given tasks is largely dependent upon the constant application of tact and ingenuity.


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