23. The Value of a Pound


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J E Ayers: 23. The Value of a Pound. 1942.



The purpose of this investigation is to develop equations by which the value of a pound eliminated, or ‘saved,’ by aircraft weight control can readily be computed by the consideration of certain variables. By aircraft weight control is meant the achieving of designs of the lightest weight possible but yet compatible with other aeronautical engineering considerations. In aircraft design there is a constant need of an equitable yardstick by which important decisions upon design refinement, and redesign for weight reduction, can readily be evaluated, and the author proposes the following mathematical developments as a criterion of the economics of eliminating a pound.
It is also believed that the findings of this investigation could possibly be employed by air transport operators when evaluating the addition or removal of certain air carrier accessories or equipment. Furthermore, it is possible that the manufacturers and operators of other means of transportation, who are now showing a degree of weight consciousness, may find some material for reflection in this investigation.


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