25. The Effect of Overload and Unbalance on Long Range Operation


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J B Childers: 25. The Effect of Overload and Unbalance on Long Range Operation. 1943.



Since the beginning of this war, an increased demand for longer range, more endurance and greater load carrying ability has been forced on aircraft designed for much shorter distances and smaller loads. The number of fatal crashes resulting from this demand quickly convinced the Air Forces of the fallacy of overloading and unbalancing their ships. However, since the problem of increasing the useful load is very acute, our aircraft are still overloaded in many cases, almost to the critical point, from the standpoint of stability.
This type of loading and its effect on long range operation is the subject with which this report is concerned. The purpose of this report is not to present an involved aerodynamic and mathematical analysis of the variation of range with weight, but rather to more or less give those directly and indirectly concerned with this problem an inkling of the fundamental theory involved and illustrate how serious the results of overloading can become on the range of modern bombers.


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