28. The Calculation of Density


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J E Ayers: 28. The Calculation of Density. 1943.



The purpose of this discussion is to present a method for computing specific gravity and density for alloys and certain other mixtures of chemical elements and/or compounds.
Much current literature containing properties of materials often presents data on everything except that property which is of prime importance to the weight control engineer, i.e. specific gravity or density. This is particularly true in the case of the various specifications issued to control the quality of materials entering into the fabrication of articles contracted for by government procuring agencies.
The method for determining specific gravity and density presented herein is not applicable to materials in which chemical elements or chemical compounds react with one another to form another chemical compound. In other words, the method is applicable only to materials which are alloys and mixtures whose uniting of constituents does not develop any chemical reaction, or develops only a negligible chemical reaction.


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