43. Use of IBM in Weight Department Procedure


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R J Trimborn: 43. Use of IBM in Weight Department Procedure. 1949.



This paper provides t quick outline of another method for using I.B.M. machines in engineering work.
To begin with, I want to disillusion those who believe that I.B.M. will in some miraculous way, do all of their work. The I.B.M. method of procedure provides a rather painless way of arriving at an accurate weight and balance report for experimental airplanes and for keeping a running weight and balance record during the life of the production contract. It is possible with this method to run off a detailed weight and balance calculation for any airplane of the contract in a matter of about six or eight hours. It also eliminates the drudgery of many hours of calculation and checking with their attendant mistakes. These hours saved can be spent to better advantage in weight control rather than in record keeping.


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