77. Problems and Solutions of Delta Wings


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R E Lowry: 77. Problems and Solutions of Delta Wings. 1952.



The Delta wing, named after the fourth letter of the greek alphabet, has long been the butt of may ‘paper dart’ jokes. However, after years of study, research and extensive wind tunnel testing the Delta Wing has at last come of age.
Recognition should be given to NACA and aerodynamics and engineers for taking a forward nearly twenty years old and develop a wing configuration that may well have established the trend for high MACH performance.
Realization that a Delta Wing Configuration might potentially have desirable characteristics at airplane speeds in the range of Mach 0.9 to Mach 2.0 and beyond plus simplicity of design induced the study and test program by Convair that began in 1945. The Delta Wing was compared with wings of more conventional planform in numerous analysis of aerodynamic, dynamic and stress conditions. As a result it was found the Delta Wing configurations would require new approaches to the methods of weight, flutter and stress analysis. It should be noted the discussion is based only on fight type aircraft and ones not necessarily apply to bomber or larger class airplane.


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