104. Functional Concept of Weight Allocation


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D L Smith: 104. Functional Concept of Weight Allocation. 1954.



The problem of classifying and distributing the weight of the multi-purpose structures or sub-assemblies has been of interest to the industry for several years. During the recent revision of the Weight Statements from ‘C’ version to ‘D’ version, the pages called ‘Provisions For’ were deleted from the Structural Groups. It is difficult to lay down a fast rule for weight personnel to follow when allocating items functionally. Our policy has been to ask the questions, ‘What purpose does this part serve in the Airplane?’ The answer indicates its functional classification.
This paper will give a couple of examples on how weight should be allocated for multi-purpose structures. Weight Control Engineering can only be advanced when diligent use of this strict functional analysis is used to pursue the goal of lighter and better designed aircraft.


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