105. Weight Analysis of a Large Helicopter for Feeder Line Operation


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D R Watson: 105. Weight Analysis of a Large Helicopter for Feeder Line Operation. 1954.



There is a peace-time field for the use of the transport helicopter which is attracting the attention of various commercial airline operators. The use of the helicopter for Feeder Line Operation has been considerable thought. This type of operation is different from military requirements in that it must be sufficiently attractive from several standpoints to encourage the general public to subscribe to the service in lieu of surface transportation. The design of a helicopter for this type service introduces some weight problems which are still different than those encountered in the military versions. The economics of the operation are directly proportional to the lavishness with which we furnish the machine. Since we are already ‘paying a price’ in weight for the versatility of the machine, we should think twice before we attempt to introduce ‘long haul’ comfort and utility into a ‘short haul’ operation. The effect of weight of various conveniences required by some of the operators will be brought out in the following analysis.


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