128. Weight Estimating of Aircraft Hydraulic Systems


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C K McBaine: 128. Weight Estimating of Aircraft Hydraulic Systems. In: 14th National Conference, Hilton Hotel, Fort Worth, Texas, May 2-5, pp. 40, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas, 1955.



In this report the weight estimate of the hydraulic system is derived by summing up the weight of the various system components. The weight of these components is expressed as a function of empirical or calculated design data. Since the new variable of temperature is considered in the analyses of the individual components, the data given in this report will produce reliable weight estimates for systems operating at high temperatures. In most cases, components will be either in an environment of moderate temperature (up to 200 F), or cooled to these practical design temperatures by a temperature control system. The control of temperature is a separate problem beyond the scope of this report. In estimating the weight of a hydraulic system at elevated temperatures caution should be exercised in selecting materials and stress allowable, pump and motor efficiencies, fluid properties and cooling provisions.


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