131. Tabulating Machine Procedures as Applied to Weight Control


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D E Sagers, D L Smith: 131. Tabulating Machine Procedures as Applied to Weight Control. 1956.



As we all know, every story has two sides. When I was asked to write this paper, I agreed to do so with very little hesitation. Here was an opportunity to state the TAB side of the story. This I felt should not be passed up. I have read some of the papers presented at other national conferences by weight people. From these reports I got the impression that weight people feel that all they have to do is send the hand-written records they have been using to the TAB ROOM, the Tab Operator says a few magic words, punches a start button, and out comes the completed report. Unfortunately, for me, this is not true. If it were, all I would have to know is a series of special words and I would be in business.
The old adage, ‘A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place can be applied to any job that is to be run on I.B.M. machines. If the data submitted is written in an orderly and neat fashion, it can be processed with little or no delay.


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