140. The Graduate Engineer in the Field of Weight Control


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O A Kelley: 140. The Graduate Engineer in the Field of Weight Control. 1956.



Before discussing the subject, it is necessary to define the functions of a weight control group; to define what we have 10 offer graduate engineers. Detail functions of a weight control group have been discussed many times before. Therefore, only the broad functions need be reviewed. These broad functions may be categorized as weight research and development, weight analysis, weight accounting and project weight supervision. There is a need for graduate engineers in each of these categories except weight accoijnt1ng. The continuous program of research and development in weight estimation, and new materials and equipment requires sound engineering judgement. Weight analysis is beginning to require more and more specialized techniques that are only found in certain types of engineering background. Project weight supervision not only requires the broad experience gained from association with various phases of weight control work1 but also requires a sharp technical judgement and sound knowledge op analytical methods. It is then obvious that a weight control group would be more efficient and effective if the greater part of the personnel were graduate engineers.


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