149. Electronic Load Cell Weighing in the Aircraft Field


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Arthur C Riege: 149. Electronic Load Cell Weighing in the Aircraft Field. In: 16th National Conference, Broadview Hotel, Wichita, Kansas, April 29 - May 2, pp. 56, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Wichita, Kansas, 1957.



The idea of weighing loads and forces by electrical means is by no means new. In fact, many investigators and inventors attempted it with indifferent success twenty and more years ago. There are three basic reasons why such attempts did not meet with success: (1) lack of a suitable electrical transducer; (2) lack of adequate and practical electrical instrumentation; (3) perhaps most important, lack of an insistent demand to meet the needs of the technology of the time. The fact that these three missing factors were completely overcome within the space of a few years accounts for the spectacular advance of electronic load cell weighing that we see going on today in so many diverse fields.


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